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How do you send private messages?


Feb 23, 2017
Cubing at my desk USA.
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Sorry, I am new here, but how do you send private messages?
There should be a little tab named "inbox" in the upper right corner next to your username, hover over that and then click on "start a new conversation" which will lead you to a place where you type in who you want to start a conversation with (you type there username that they use on here into that space). Then you can type your message below that and then hit the "start a conversation" button. Then you just have to wait until the other person gets it and sends you a PM back. After that your conversation is started and you don't have to do anything else, it will also just keep going forever until you end it.

Does all this make since?

Click on there name. Click “start a conversation” the rest should be self explanatory. But feel to ask any questions.
I guess my way was a little to wordy.

Thanks @Duncan Bannon for the shorter reply on how to do it! :)
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