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How can I improve my LL times?


Sep 22, 2018
So I am sub 15 solver so I think it's about time I improved my last layer times. My cross and F2L is around 6-8 second. My last layer is really dragging me down since my cross is around 2-4 seconds. Any suggestions to improve last layer? Or should I still focus on improve my F2L or even my cross?
Dec 3, 2018
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If you know full OLL + PLL then you're good, just make sure you're using good finger tricks and good algs. COLL is useful if you want to learn another alg set, but not necessary.

It seems that your F2l is pretty decent for a sub 15 solver, but it could be better. However, from your stats given i think that your cross is your main issue.

Make sure that you can do your cross in 8 moves or less. see if you can find out how certain moves affect other pieces on the cube. And if you really want to see improvement in cross, then you could even try out learning x-cross.

Also, it might not just be your cross, it could be cross to f2l transition, i have a video on that if you want to check it out.

Happy solving!