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[Member Intro] Hi from NubeCuber


Feb 10, 2021
Hello cubers,

I have always enjoyed Math and puzzles of different kinds. As a child, I learned to solved the Rubiks Cube by doing beginners level algorithms, but never could seem to memorize them.

Two weekends ago, I received my second Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and was really tired on day 2, so I grabbed a cube and decided to figure it out.

Within 24 hours I had memorized the beginner level algs and was down to about 2 minutes a solve. I’m at the 2 week mark and now average about 1:15 on a good solve.

Yesterday, I tried learning some F2L moves, but I couldn’t take seem to get my cube 2 match any of the cases shown... or if it did, the algs messed up either the white cross or another white corner and edge that had already been solved. So I tried doing it intuitively. I will revisit the F2L algs sometime later.

I can solve the middle layer intuitively using the simple right/left trigger moves to permit each corner til it matchesits edge pair in the top face in one of three positions. But it takes forever... several minutes a solve.
Focusing on progress not perfection for now.

Thanks for all the info and great community here,


Jul 27, 2018
Christmas Wonderland
I'm sure you've already learned cube notation, but here it is just in case:
Once you feel comfortable with intuitive F2L, JPerm (on YouTube) has great tutorials and tricks to become more efficient in this step. He also a pdf which contains good algs for each case:

Welcome to the community, and we hope you have a fun time here.