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[Member Intro] Hi everyone! I'm Steve (15.45 3x3 PB)

Steve AC

Feb 13, 2021
Hello Forum!

My name is Steve. I am 29 years old, and my PB on the 3x3 is 15.45 seconds on the GAN 354-V2 M.

I started my cubing Journey as a way to kill time at my job (I basically get paid to sit around and cube all day), and credit mostly everything I know to J Perm, followed by some others such as Brody, Feliks, and CubeSkillz.

I went from an old and dirty DaYan budget non-magnetized cube to my first modernized speedcube, the RS3M 2020 after watching J Perm's review about it.

My cube collection is about 20 something cubes in, and the cubes I use most frequently now are all Gan cubes.

I started with a goal of just sub30, but once I passed that goal I wanted to see how far I could go, and currently (after 6 months of cubing), I can usually get times between 21~25 on average, but some days I am luckier with sub20s, and some days worse like over 30s.

I am here to make friends, ask questions, and eventually gain the skills necessary to make sub15 before the year 2021 is over.

Thanks for reading this far,


Nov 14, 2020
Beyond the grave.....
Really? Thanks. I have no idea about that, lol. Where do I go to ask specific 3x3 related questions btw?
There are several threads
one is specific to the roux method
Also welcome!