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[Member Intro] Hey What's Up


Jul 24, 2017
Hey, what's up everyone, my name is Jesus but everyone calls me Chewy

I got into cubing last December and ive been hooked since. Before I started cubing there was only 1 person in my whole school of 900 students that could solve one. I was interested in how he could solve a rubick's cube so fast so i asked him if he could get me one so I could learn. I learned LBL (begginer's method) and got faster with it. After getting down to about 49 seconds with the beginner's method i got board and wanted to know if there was amything that would make me even faster, and that's when i found out about F2L and ever since then my time have been steadly decreasing. Im also fully colour neutral and know full PLL and about 35 OLLs.

2x2: 3.74s ( Ortega)
3x3: 18.15s ( CFOP )
4x4: 2m 3s ( Yau )
Skewb: ~22s
Megaminx: Have one but never timed myself
Pyraminx: Had one but broke

I want to be sub 20 on 3x3 and get faster at 4x4 , i also want to get into bigger cubes like 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 but i don't have any right now but am planning to buy some in the future. I also want to enter a competition but haven't cause its hard to get to them.
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