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Hey there, Romanian cuber


Nov 14, 2013
My name is Florin, as you may probably tell by my name, I an into speedcubing for over a year and a half, but, I had a very long pause, for about 1 year, when I haven't practiced at all. I started speedcubing seriously after going at my first competition, in my home town. I had a very bad average, of over 1 minute and a single time of 53.65. After that(9th of November) I started learning intuitive F2L and 2-look OLL and PLL.

Now, I have learned almost all PLL's(except G's, I want to learn them in the next week) and another 3 OLL's that are very easy and could save a lot of time. (like FRUR'U'F' and the two OLL's of Y perm) and I can solve it in about 32-33 seconds, with a PB of 23.56. In addition to that, I have learned how to solve the 2x2 cube in about 10 seconds, with Ortega, Megaminx(in 4-4:30 minutes), Pyraminx(in 20-25 seconds) and 4x4 cube(in 3-3:30 minutes). I also have a 5x5 cube and a 7x7 cube, that I can solve until the last two edges(where I need some more algorithms).

My cubes are : Moyu LingPo(2x2), Moyu WeiLong(3x3), Moyu WeiSu(4x4), ShengShou(5x5,7x7), Dayan(Megaminx with ridges), QJ(Pyraminx). I also had an original Rubik's cube, that I've sold to a classmate, an Vcube 2(that is broken) and a Dayan ZhanChi, that moves very bad right now.

To end this, here is a video of me doing an average of 5 in 31.16 seconds.

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