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[Member Intro] Hey there, I'm a sub-50 Roux newbie!


Jun 29, 2020
Lutz, Florida
Hey there! I Recently got into cubing after a few years out of the hobby. I love 3x3, 5x5, Squan, and Megaminx.
I really love solving with roux, in fact it's the only method i know! o_O I'm also interested in OH and Blind solving, so let me know if you have any tips!
Some of my other hobbies include origami, fighting games, and editing Wikipedia. I'm also a furry :]
I also recently created this 2-look CMLL guide and wasn't sure how to release it, so tell me what you think about it! bit.ly/2stepcmll

I use the YJ YuLong V2 M as my 3x3 main, and i'm about to get started on learning EO and improving my block building.
Fun Fact: Today is my birthday lol
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