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[Member Intro] Hey guys, new person here!


Zubin Park

Hello fellow cubers, its nice to see a lot of cubers in one place; where I live doesn't have too many cubers. I do 2x2 up to 5x5, as well as OH and 3 BLD. I've been cubing for just about 3 years.
PBs and AO5:
2x2: .55, 3.49
3x3: 6.11, 8.92 (I'm a sub 10 solver)
4x4: 32.13, 40.92
5x5: 1:59.21, 2:30ish
OH: 40.24, 50.29
BLD: 16.31, 20.94


Apr 1, 2020
Whoa, 0.55 2x2 solve? 16.31 blindfolded solve? Your top tier cyber. Welcome to the Forums;)

Zubin Park

Welcome to the forums!

I thought you said you were sub 8 on 3x3?
yeah, my bad. Not sure whether sub-8 included an 8 second solve
EDIT: I don't do competitions or anything, just friendly unofficial comps with friends. Ppl told me my AO5 was sub 8, thats why I said I was sub 8