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Hey fellow speedcubers, Gregor from Germany here!


Jun 8, 2012
Hello everyone,

as you might already have figured out by the title, my name is Gregor and I'm a 16-year-old speedcuber from Germany.
I've registered here on the forums roughly one year ago, but this was just to ask one question about a puzzle shop. Since then, I've become much more dedicated and now have decided to involve myself actively inside the community.

I recently achieved my first official Sub-20 average on 3x3 (FangShi ShuangRen V2), which I'm very proud of :D (see my signature). Apart from that, I love to solves cubes blindfolded, and I like 2x2 and Megaminx.
My PBs for 3BLD are 1:19.61 single and 1:31.49 average of 5 using M2/OP :cool:

Other than cubing, I play the guitar a little bit and I passionate about languages. I can speak English and French somewhat close to fluid, and I can do some basic communication in Spanish and Japanese. Latin and ancient Greek are for translating documents only ;) Feel free to ask me any questions!