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[Member Intro] Hey everyone. Fabio checking in!

Mar 31, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
Thread starter #1

I'm Fabio De'Rose, professional Magician and puzzle enthusiat from Brazil.

Today I'm celebrating my birthday, wedding anniversary and first year since I first solved a Rubik's Cube without adult supervision. Another reason to celebrate is that I'm finally getting good at 3BLD and have managed two successful MBLD attempts without going nuts.

I'm very active on the /r/Cubers subreddit under @Enigmagico (also my Instagram if you're so inclined) but thought I'd finally join SS, a place which has given me lots of amazing advice as a lurker during the last year and where hopefully I'll be able to give back as well from now on.

I'm a CFOP kinda guy and recently decided to take 3BLD seriously, after knowing it for a few months but never really pushing myself to get good. Now this has changed, and both 3BLD and MBLD have become my favorite events. I'm yet pending on an official success, though, which doesn't stop me from trying my best.

Thanks for reading <3