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Help/Advice wanted: Softening a Mini QJ's pieces

Hyprul 9-ty2

Sep 25, 2009
Waterloo, Ontario
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Okay, since all the threads related to "softening" that came up were about Jigaloo, I want to ask:

Is there a way to soften the cubies of the mini QJ 4x4 long term? Not too soft to the point its melted :p, but I noticed that with my mini QJ, the plastic seems to be very hard and stiff, resulting in an amazing fast but locky cube. When I spray silicone into the mini QJ its more buttery and locks up less, barely even. But the silicone inside only lasts for a day or two, and after that is stiff again :O

Also, is this(softening) dangerous in anyway towards the core/pieces?

Edit: I've already done an upwards of 500 solves on this, and there is no Jigaloo where I come from. *sorry first reply*
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