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hellocubers' quest to become sub-30 and then sub-20 with cfop.


Aug 10, 2020
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Been learning some waterman. It's just when you do stuff with the LU and Redges that make me confused.
Ok Beginner Waterman:

Layer but minus an edge (Waterman Layer)
Rest of Corners (CLL)
Do a rotation so the Waterman Layer is now the L Layer and the missing edge is the LU Edge
Solve all of the now R Edges (ERL)
Do one of 8 Algorithms to solve the last Ledge while orienting the midges (L5E a)
Permute the Midges (L5E b)

the 8 algs could turn into 16 if you dont want to do setup moves (thats just D2). I plan on making a Waterman Beginner tutorial later today. I might DM it to you when im done.