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[Member Intro] Hello


Sep 19, 2021
Hello, I am Valentin. I am from Switzerland and I've been cubing since around 2 years, but I just recently started speedsolving. For the first few days, I watched some CFOP tutorials, but i didn't like the heavily algorithm based method, so I did some solves with Roux (with a tutorial) an I enjoyed it much more. It has now been around 2 months and i average around 30 seconds with a PB single of 20.6 and a PB average of 25.53. I use 2-look CMLL. I was heavily surpriesd, by how fast you can solve the cube, by only learning 9 algorithms. My main is btw the GAN 11 M DUO.
My first question is now: What should i learn next?
I'm happy to now also being a part of this awesome community. 🙂