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Nov 21, 2008
hello everyone! im basil acuzar from the philippines. im 18 years old and i do speedcubing (obviously) :D i've been speedcubing for almost a year now. my current average for 3x3 is sub-20 (been stuck with that for about 2 months now), 4x4: sub1:40 minutes (needs improvement for edge pairing), 5x5: sub 3:20 minutes (my edge/tredge pairing really sucks!), 2x2:sub-10 seconds (im starting to use ortega method now, back then i was using full fridrich for 2x2 :p), 3x3 OH: sub-35 (can get close enough to sub-32), 3x3 BLD: sub 6 minutes (i've been practicing for about a month now and im using 3 cycle for EO,CO and EP and 2 cycle for my CP) and lastly for pyraminx: sub-10.

That's all about me. I really need improvements though. I've been browsing to this site and i find it very good and interesting as a source of information when it comes to speedcubing.

you can also visit our local speedcubing forum: http://www.pinoyspeedcubers.forumotion.com