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[Member Intro] Hello World (v5.0)


Nov 21, 2022
Hello World

(looks like I’m at least the 5th person to think that was a brilliant title for my introduction post)

I first learned how to solve a 3x3 on a Rubik brand cube during a 16 hour road trip. Got to sub 2 minutes back then.

That was a looooong time ago and we never heard of anything like CFOP back then. I recently found that old cube and tried to solve it, but turning the thing was like walking in wet cement.

I’ve picked up a few cubes over the last year or so and have enjoyed learning beginner methods in them. Next goal is to figure out CFOP so I can hopefully cut my 3x3 time in half.

Below is a list of my current PBs
2x2 - 0:15
3x3 - 0:53:26
4x4 - 3:11
5x5 - 11:07