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Hello to everyone from Sweden!


Nov 8, 2012
Lund, Skåne, Sweden
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Hello people!

I'm a 14 year old male from Sweden.
As for my cubing history, I'm not really any new to cubing, I've already achieved a sub-30 average.
I learned to solve the rubik's cube, i think 2 years ago. I found an old cube at home and i thought "Hmmm... why don't i learn to solve this darn thing."
So i did. I looked up a totorial through my good friend internet, and i learned a variant of the beginner method. Shortly after, i gave my cousin the tip and he also learned how to solve it. after he learned to solve it, we sort of, had a competition. Always trying to beat the other's personal best.
Though I've of course learned some new methods. My cousin didn't though, so hes stuck at an average somewhere in between 45 and 55s.
As for the methods i know, there are 4 of them:

Beginner - I have learned many different variations of it by now.

Fridrich / CFOP - After i had taken about a half year break from cubing i brought it up again and found the Fridrich method wich, at first slowed me down to 1:20min, but as i got to know the f2l better my times dropped rapidly. I learned all 21 pll algs along with the whole 2look oll. Though at the moment of this writing I've forgotten the two N-perms, so right now i know 19 plls.

Roux - Not very long after i had learned Fridrich's i found a video of roux, i thought it was cool and i learned Roux as well. It was a big change. With roux i average around 35s.

Zz - Some time later i got somewhat into OH solving and when i then found Zz, I just HAD to learn Zz. Zz is my fastest method as of now, i average about 25s.
EDIT: I now average around 20 seconds with Zz, i have also just broken the sub-20 barrier with a neat AVG5 of 18.1052 seconds! :D
EDIT CONTINUATION: I also got a touch of the sub-15 barrier with my record breaking 14.438 second non-lucky solve!

Heise - I read a little about it and i liked the concept and ended up learning it, I have only mastered the easiest variation though (the one where you fix edges and two corners in last layer seperately). Average about 1min - 1:10min...

My goals right now are:

Get sub-30 average with Zz. Check!
Get sub-30 average with Roux.
Get sub-40 average with Heise.
Get a sub-20 average. Check!
Get a sub-15 average.
Haven't though any further.

Aside from the 3x3x3 i can also solve the 2x2x2, 4x4x4, 5x5x5.

2x2x2 Average: 7-8s

Haven't ever timed myself with the 4x4x4...

5x5x5 Average: ~4min

As for even bigger cubes, i don't own any, nor does anyone i know own one, so I've actually never tried one out.
I'm planning to get both the 6x6x6 and the 7x7x7, though i dont think i'll stop there.

My interests other than cubing are made up of Climbing, Archery and Programming.

anyway, just wanted to present myself to everyone.

Simon A.K.A Zabotio
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