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[Member Intro] Hello there! New, but doing alright so far!


Aug 3, 2020
Hey Everyone!

I'm not a 'just starting off' cuber, as I have been cubing with a passion for the last few months (I picked it up right before quarantine), but I am definitely new to the online forums and help!

Even though I don't have too much experience yet, I have done my best to expose myself to a lot of different puzzles and events. I started off with just 3x3, but now I have a budget version of every WCA cube as well as a few nicer models. So far, I love the bigger cubes, especially 6x6 and 7x7. They present a whole new challenge because of the time it takes for me to complete them (average just under 8 min for 6x6 and under 10 min for 7x7)! However, I still spend most of my time on the 3x3.

I started out my cubing with a YJ MGC 3x3. Nothing special, and the only lube I had was DNM-37. I also got a MGC 2x2 (neither of the MGC's were elites), and have spent my fair share of time on that. I have the MFJS series of cubes for 4x4 through 7x7, which aren't anything fancy, but are very nice for the price. I got interested in other WCA cubes, and got Qiyi brand for my megaminx, skewb, pyraminx, and square-1.

Only a week and a half ago, I gave into my temptations and got a Moyu RS3M 2020, and it has been a game changer. I also got the magnet kit from The Cubicle, and some Lubicle Silk to go along with the DNM-37. I now have a best time of 16.76 seconds, while my best Ao5 is 19.62 seconds.

In terms of my life outside of cubing (haha that's hilarious, as if I have one anymore), I am a member of a marching band, and I love musical instruments, primarily the clarinet, bassoon, and string bass. I am a big fan of Minecraft (get it, bc of cubes...) and I also play Overwatch and a Steam game named Helldivers.

That's it for me, and I'll end with one question:
Does anyone have any recommendations for how to use Lubicle Silk, because I have been left in the dark on this one. Thank you all!

Zubin Park

May 27, 2020
To answer your question, I use Silk on the internals of the piece (not the core), and I would drop some DMN in after if you don't like your cube slower than usual.