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[Member Intro] Hello!! Haven’t done this yet

Astral cubing

Aug 5, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama
Hello I’ve been a member for a while but haven’t done a member intro. Im a 15 year old Cuber from Alabama and have been to six competition but currently hasn’t been to a competition for about 10 months(school, work , responsibilities, lack of mobility). I main cfop as my main method but loves roux solves(beginners ) and would of done roux if people weren’t really biased and recommended cfop all the dang time. Lol . I’ve been cubing for 3 years

Mains and pbs
3x3 main GAN 354M Pb single 7.20 avg 10.50
2x2 main GAN 249v2 M Pb single .65 avg 1.91
4x4 main spring modded qiyi wuque M Pb single 39.00 avg 44.94
5x5 main qiyi wushuang Pb single 1:22.09 avg 1:36.68
OH main qiyi valk 3 M Pb single 13.61 avg 17.72
Pyraminx main xman bell Pb single 1.91 avg 4.06
Megaminx main Xman galaxy v2 M Pb single 1:02.73 avg 1:10.12 FAVORITE EVENT

I also play fortnite(mobile) cuz why not and enjoy being outside and working out.