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[Member Intro] Hello from a returning speedcuber!


Xtreme Cuber

What’s up, speedcubers!

I’m a 17-year-old college student from Missouri and I’ve been solving twisty puzzles for two years now. My favorite events are 3x3, 2x2, 4x4, and OH, but I’m also starting to venture into bigger cubes as well.

I’ve attended three WCA competitions, but last fall my interest in cubing went downhill and stayed there. I recently decided to get back into cubing and will hopefully attend more competitions. In addition, I may be starting a YouTube channel at some point soon!

Besides cubing, my interests include piano, logic puzzles, writing science fiction, and anything related to aviation and spaceflight.

For those of you who are interested, here are my mains and global averages. I’m not very fast at all, but I’m hoping to improve:

3x3 (WeiLong GTS3 M): 15.xx
2x2 (Valk 2 M): 4.xx
4x4 (AoSu GTS2 M): 1:00.xx
5x5 (AoChuang GTS M): 2:10.xx
6x6 (Shadow M): 4:45.xx
7x7 (QiYi WuJi): 9:00.xx
3x3 OH (WeiLong GTS2 M): 35.xx
Megaminx (Galaxy V2 LM): 3:30.xx
Pyraminx (Bell): 12.xx
Skewb (Wingy): 7.xx

I look forward to using this forum to connect with fellow cubers from around the country and world, as well as possibly find some in my own area!

–Xtreme Cuber