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[Member Intro] Hello fellow cubers

Aug 13, 2019
Thread starter #1
I am an autistic teen who likes math and cubing. My origins in cubing go way back to 3 years when I saw a classmate with a Rubik’s cube and he was able to solve it, I was intrigued so I decided to get one. My mom was busy with other things so she couldn’t get for me, so I realized that my classmate liked soccer mostly being a goalkeeper and I had some cool gloves for him so I traded with him the next day some gloves for a Rubik’s cube. I started learning on how to solve it but, the tutorials were not working for me a lot so my classmates which knew who to solve it started teaching me. After a month I managed to solve it on my own and I honestly cried because I thought it was really hard but I did it. I started getting in this world of cubes and fortunately there was a store nearby. I bought a lot of cubes with my dad and we sometimes had discussions because I didn’t know which ones to buy because they were a lot of them. When I had more cubes I started learning and designing algorithms on how to solve each cube but sometimes I tried on tutorials and it worked and I was really happy. I also started watching speedcubers like Patrick Ponce, Max Park, and Feliks and got really inspired so I decided to train for competitions and luckily the store was making a competition and I won 2x2 with a 7.6 average. I was amazed so I felt that this community is like no other and that is why I have joined this marvelous forum.