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[Member Intro] Hello everyone!


Apr 7, 2020
Hi, my name is Jasiko. I learned hoe to solve 3x3 in 2016 but then i left it. I came back 2 years ago and now I solve other puzzles. My 3x3 times are about 30 seconds (F2L, 2look-OLL, 1look-PLL) I solve on meilong 3x3 magnetized by myself. My favourite puzzle is 2x2 i solve with ortega and I try to learn CLL. My best time is 1.95 s
( L B U R' L R L R). I solve other WCA and NON-WCA puzzles like skewb, 4x4, megaminx and 2x2x3. Sorry for mistakes but my english isn't very good (Poland).