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[Member Intro] Hello cubers



So i just joined this forum . i wont lie i joined because i find no way to do the 3x3 cube faster than my 30s (i mabye have done 20). I like cubing. I do this for more than 4 years. I know a lot of stuff from computers and these type of stuff. I think i will find what im looking for in here. Yours, Nick (thats my real name)


I have a moyu gts2 and at the most of my solves i use cfop. Id like todoa bit more roux but i domt get some stuff. Im going to school. Beback in 8 hours


Sep 18, 2019
Kitchener, Ontario
From my research, Cfop and Roux are the two methods with the highest potential (though you can be good with any method [PetrusQuber]).
Cfop is great if you can drill algs. you can become very robotic and just let your hands do the work.
Roux is better if you have slower hands and a better understanding of the cube; Lower move count with MUCH more intuition.
I am learning Cfop myself as I am not familiar enough with the cube to learn roux to start.