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Have something to share?


Staff member
Mar 13, 2006
Interested in writing an article, sharing a competition report, photos, stories, or videos with the community on the homepage of speedsolving.com? As of now, anyone is free to contribute. We're looking for people to produce content that is interesting to the rest of the community. Have a look at the current homepage, speedsolving.com, to get an idea.

After the news homepage launched, we put together a small team to post records, updates, articles, interviews, etc. to share all the great happenings in our community. Now we're looking to expand this to the entire community, so anyone can contribute. We're actively looking for people to join in and share. The content is read by around 1,000 people each day and growing, and it is a great opportunity to share unique insight, contribute ideas, and share what you have to offer with the community.

To do so, you need to setup a new account on the homepage. You can register here (and/or login):

Registration takes only a few seconds. After logging in, on the left click on Posts, and to add a new post, click on the Add New button. Here you can add content.

You can make posts, but before going live they will be moderated by the team.

We look forward to seeing what you guys share. If you have any other feedback, don't hesitate to reply here.
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