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Has anyone tried the Thunderclap v3?


Aug 1, 2018
I know it came out a couple weeks ago, but what do people think of it? Personally, I like mine (set up with 2 drops of Lubicle Silk), but what's the overall opinion?


Feb 20, 2017
I got the magnetic version - its nice, a little more flexible than I prefer but great quality and performance. I think in the budget space I like the YJ YuLong V2 a bit more - that's a nice puzzle with setup! And I prefer the MF3RS3M over both of them, but its twice the price so not really a fair comparison. But I'd be happy with the YuLong v2 M or Thunderclap v3 M. Come to think of it the OOB performance of the thunderclap V3 M was a bit better than YuLong V2 M I'd say - thats important in a budget cube. Both improve a lot with setup though, no doubt.