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[SAR] Guido Dipietro 4BLD 2:27.56


Jul 8, 2014
Either in the underground or doing BLD somewhere
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Which is myself :D


Extremely happy and proud of this accomplishment. My first ever CR and also my first ever good time in any 3BLD event for what my global avg at that moment was XD

The other solves were

1) DNF(2:36), few pieces wrong
3) DNF(2:22), 20-25 sec pause because I forgot some wings... also 3 centers wrong.

Now I'll say a few words:

Huge thanks to Jay for telling me to rush and not go safe once and for all! Jay lov u <3 Everyone go and ask for his coaching, it works omfg

Dedicated to Fernando Lomazzi, for all the good times we've had. I'm so sorry you missed this comp! Te debo un frappé ndeah

Graham Siggins, without the motivation chatting to you has given me, and your (or whoever you got inspired from) 4BLD algs cheat/spreadsheet, this couldn't have been done. I'm extremely grateful.

How could I forget Jefferson Andres Durango Argaez, another excellent cuber, from Colombia, who also let me be his pal, and interchange multiple BLD experiences. He's a cuber which I expect will beat my SaR hopefully very soon! :p Jefferson ud es muy pro

Francisco Cabral, without your extremely benevolent and generous personality I could have never had used your amazing Wuque to practice for this record. I used it today to get a #12 WR solve. I will never forget what you did for me. Kvra lo kiero muchisimo <3 Sabe a quien agradecerle el Wuque

An important part of it... Manuel Gutman... This guy began cubing last year. Already took 2 or 3 NRs from me... He got a 3:50 4BLD which was NR for 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!! Tied me in 3BLD single too! This has given me the motivation I needed to keep on beating myself, while trying to beat you :p I hope you keep on this track!!! Manko siga asi k si no le gano (?(?(?

Of course I should thank Corey Sakowski for making the one and only 4BLD tutorial I could understand. If you read this, thanks a bunch dude. I recommend it anytime anyone asks for a good tutorial.

And whoever else has helped me with the slightest thing in BLD... You know that even if I haven't mentioned you in this post, I appreciate fondly your contribution to the place I reached today.


Hopefully this won't be the end of a journey, but the beginning of such. Happy cubing everyone!

Greetings from Argentina :p
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