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gsingh's road to the 3x3 WR average // Grinding 4x4


Sep 4, 2020
the table, eating lasagna.
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Alright Guys,

I'm very sorry for faking my 5x5 times.
I am sub 9 on 3x3, I can prove that if you guys want me to, no excuses this time.
I average 1:10 on 5x5.
I think the reason i started faking 5x5 is when I got a very good solve in the weekly comp, a 1:02 or something like that, i kept on feeling that i could have been a sub-1 if i hadn't gotten a bad Pll. So I edited the solve to be a 59, and made the average a 1:05.
I felt really bad about it, and i didn't plan on doing it again. I was going to delete it, but then people noticed. I felt that everyone would hate me if I said it was fake.( They would have a good reason, but still, no one wants to be hated.) So I kept on going, and every time I faked a solve I felt bad and wanted to admit faking solves but was too scared to do so. Every time I put this off it made me feel even worse.
So I'm sorry, I know i don't deserve it but I hope you guys forgive me.
I am especially sorry to people who believed my times and defended me, like @Timona and @TheEpicCuber .
Also @Imsoosm the reason the dates make it look like there is a huge time gap between each solve it because the solves have been imported from speedcubestats, a timer I used for a while, so those dates don't mean anything, they are just numbers.
As for the sub 6 avg the only explanation I can think of is that either they are 2x2 solves mixed in on accident or that my friends got their hands on my computer at some point.
@Mike Hughey , could you please delete my 5x5 times for the weekly comp?

Ill try to post the OH average soon. I'll try for this week but no promises.

Again, I'm, sorry for all of this. I know it will be hard but I hope you guys forgive me.
I promise to only post legitimate solves from now on.
I will delete this thread and make a new progression thread with zero cheating.

P.S does anyone have good algs for all 4 awkward shapes Oll's and the Nb Perm? Mine are really bad.
Thanks for coming out, man. I am bummed that you faked your times, but I hope to see improvement in you. Lying is a tricky subject to deal with, but never do it unless you are talking to anyone about their looks. Even behind their backs, always say they look good.
For the awkward shapes, starting with the ones that look like the U cases for COLL, you want to do a sune from the front or back, depending on where the corner is. Then rotate the U layer and do a T-OLL.
-- M --
M M |
M _ M Do the sune in the front, then the T will show up on top

M -- M
M M |
-- M -- Do the sune in the back, then the T will show up on top.

As for the awkward shapes that look like a T-shape oll, there is an alg that I have memorized into both muscle and mental memory.

M M --
| M M
M _ _ (r' D' r) U' (r' D r2) U' (r' U r U r')

-- M M
M M |
_ _ M Just do the same alg, but lefty. (Not supplying an alg because I am too lazy to do so)

These are the same algs that I learned from Jperm's newest oll algorithm + fingertrick video.