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[Member Intro] GREETINGS


Sep 14, 2019
Kerala, India
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How is the yusu?
Sounds good, always nice to have some other kids around
Out of the box, the YuSu comes pre-lubed, so no issues there.
Both the outer and inner layers are pretty mediocre. I didn't lube it as there was already some in there, but I broke it in by doing parity from every angle and doing about 50 solves. After breaking in, the outer layers absolutely GLIDE, and the inner layers lose some of their sluggishness. Then I used weight 5 and 3 on the core and internal pieces. After that and ever since, I have found no reason to change my 4x4 main.
The centre caps do fall out occasionally, but that's not a big problem.
Overall, it is a very good cube at this price point.

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