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[Member Intro] Greetings!


Jan 24, 2019
Hey guys, I just joined. I've been "speedcubing" for a long time. (~10 years). However, I haven't made it a priority to improve yet. I just fidget around with puzzles. I mostly solve 3x3. I use the CFOP method and still do 2 look OLL. I also haven't memorized all the PLL algorithms yet. My PB is 19 seconds, and I usually average around 25 second solves. I like other puzzles as well (4x4 - 10x10, skewb, pyraminx, etc...) I don't really enjoy cuboids, and I hate square 1.

I'm a software developer and have tinkered around with some small cubing related projects. I mostly joined these forums to contribute to the software section.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys!