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[Member Intro] Greetings from St Petersburg, Russia

Doctor Hedron

Nov 2, 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia
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I'm Anton. Just a regular guy in my mid 20s, I suppose. I'm not that much of a speedsolver (I average 32 s on a 3x3, 5 mins on a 6x6), I'm more of a collector. I have a special place in my heart for octahedra, but I also have small "sub-collections" of puzzles in Moyu's light blue plastic and self-made force cubes. I recently made force Cubing Classroom 8x8s, for example. :p I enjoy tinkering with unorthodox puzzles that are non-WCA and finding solutions for them, and I have a MF8 Heaven's Eyes that exploded on me.

I've been aware of the existence of this forum for quite some time, but honestly I kind of suck at actively joining new communities in general, and seeing as I'm not really a speedsolver, I didn't have an account here until now. However, I'm fairly active in /r/Cubers subreddit and at the TwistyPuzzles forum (under the same username). Maybe you have stumbled upon my post or two there.

To be super honest, I will admit that I finally made an account because I have a few leftover force cubes I want to get rid of, and someone recommended me to post about it on this forum as well. And yes, tbh I *will* do that, but I suppose it's also a sign for me to finally take part in this community as well, in addition to reddit and TP. :)

Happy belated Halloween, I guess!



Nov 2, 2018
Greetings to Russia from California! You are braver than I am. I play around with 3 X 3 cubes and that's just about it.