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[Member Intro] Greetings from Bonn, Germany


Jan 6, 2019
Hello everyone,

my Name is Thorsten, i'm 46yrs old, had an original cube back in 1980 for a few years and kept solving and 'competing' for the fastest F2L-times with my cousin back the (that was all we could do).

Solved it a few the times with a printed solution afterwards but never learned it by heart.

That was due to the construction of the original cube which had to be forcefully turned - no fun.

Bought my second cube again some times ago and lerned LBL and used it to a PB of about 48 seconds if I remember correctly. That was 2 years ago. But still, it was only a cheap cube. - Paused again due to circumstance till recently.

Now I have some time and got myself a decent cube (GAN 356 Air SM) which arrived today, and it feels like heaven.

I havent yet tried to set new PB, as I only use LBL at the moment (c. 60 seconds I presume) but am rather concentrating on taking my time, laying a solid foundation by concentrating on trying to go CN from the beginning and finding the easiest cross, understanding intuitive F2L and trying to insert pairs in the back, thus cutting unnecessary cube rotations, and learning solid 4LLL.

I'm not in a hurry and because of that i'm trying to get faster by understanding what I am doing in the first place. Still hope to be sub-40 soon!