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[Member Intro] Greetings and salutations fellow cubers


Jun 11, 2019
Crewe, UK
Hello everyone.

My name is Martyn and I am a cube-aholic.

I have been cubing on and off for nearly 40 years - I first learnt to solve the cube when I was 8 and after numerous breaks have now really started to try and improve my times (got a GAN 356X for last Christmas).

I mainly do 3x3, but also have 4x4, 5x5 and some older puzzles (anyone remember the Rubik's Mate?).

My 3x3 PB is 15.90 (PLL skip) - but I'm getting plenty of sub 20s now (even without PLL skip). I guess I average around 24s. I still haven't learnt full OLL - but am wondering if that should be my focus for getting faster times? Any tips?

Anyway - catch you later!