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Goth Kids Dancing To Dgcubes CubeDepot Rap


Feb 14, 2015
Medina OH
Although that video is meant to be comedic and i'm sure that the creator of this has no ill feelings towards those people, I feel like I need to address this. Emo/Goth/Alternative people are arguably the most misinterpreted Clique/Niche within our english speaking culture. Many people perceive these kinds of people as just "depressed people who wear all black and want to kill themselves". Another example of misinterpretation is the "nerd" group of people, and this is the group that I feel most cubers i identify with. Again, many people still think that "nerds" are just really smart people with no social life. So I invite you to try to research or even make a friend that fits into a different "clique" or "niche" than you. And I hope that we can end these invisible barriers of culture.