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Garf's progression thread --- Relearning the Rubik's Cube --- Learning all of the United Nations/Countries


Aug 6, 2021
In a computer simulation, just like you
So it looks like I have done a lot of stuff for the Rubik's Cube. Apparently I averaged 12 seconds for 3x3, 45 seconds for 4x4, 1:30 for 5x5, 2:40 for 6x6, and sub-4 for 7x7, plus sub 1:05 for what I think is called Megaminx, and, from I have done a little search on, sub-30 for square-1.
But of course, that was before I bumped my head, so I don't know how to solve any of the puzzles.
I will start with the 3x3, since, I believe, is the most iconic puzzle to ever exist.


May 2, 2021
(Enter Location)
There is a chance he was trolling, but he doesn’t seem to be banned as there is still ‘Member’ displayed under his name rather than ‘banned’. He was also last seen yesterday so he’s not going anywhere
Quite funny that people actually believed him. Lmao, don't believe everything on the internet.
yh, the only reason I would have ‘fallen’ for it would be because I didn’t want to come across as an insensitive brat


Jul 18, 2021
This is certainly a strange situation...

Garf does seem to like the idea of "restarting" in some way, for example, the first post in this thread is this:
Day 1: I start by going onto the cubeskills website (developed by 2 time world champ Feliks himself). I already have an account, so I just go to the beginners area and start there. I begin by "learning" how to start a Rubik's cube, and days 2-5 will be me practicing what I have learned.
Perhaps he wanted a reason to go back and break some bad habits, but using memory loss (and a suspiciously specific type) as an excuse is definitely not a very good idea, and made some people understandably concerned for his health.
If this is in fact real (which I am certainly heavily doubting), then it makes sense, but it doesn't seem that way; and playing with peoples' feelings like that is just not ok.

In any case, the lack of clarity on the reality of the situation means that the mods took the right action in banning him for now. I'm hoping this isn't a lie, but I don't have high hopes...
Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
But he seemed so completely honest! I mean, the way he communicated, and his prose just screamed "I lost my memory! Please give me advice!". How did he ever fall into this pit of lies and deception?

This completely befuddles my mind.

On a more serious note, this is just disgusting that Anthony would go low enough to mock a mental issue like amnesia. It's easy to understand a young child treating it like a game but Anthony should be passed that age by now. I'm surprised and disappointed that Anthony Tindal actually fooled people into believing him.

I thought about calling him out but I am very critical of various things and pretty stubborn in my assumptions so I didn't want to get myself into a problem in the slight possibility that he somehow truly did lose his memory (if you were in the SS Chat you would know that he was a complete liar but I just trolled him there because why not?).

If he for some reason did not get permanently banned for his behavior I hope that he learns from his mistake, apologizes, and tries to be a more honest person.
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