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Gan SM, 4x4's, Squan, 2x2, Kilominx, Mini 3x3's + more

Jan 19, 2016
Cubing at my desk - USA
Thread starter #1
Selling several of my cubes. PayPal is the easiest method of payment. The more cubes you buy the cheaper you get them(you save on shipping). All the cubes are in excellent condition, I just don't need them anymore.

Prices are flexible and include shipping.

Cubes are:

$35 Gan Air SM - Black
$28 Wuque 4x4 DIY M - Stickerless
$23 X-man Volt MS Square-1 - Black
$23 Cubicle Labs Wuxia M - Black
$11 X-man Bell Pyraminx(has 4x2mm magnets in tips) - Black
$28 Wuque Mini M 4x4 - Stickerless(almost new)
$4 Lubicle 1 - Brand New
$18 Mini Valk DIY M - Black
$18 X-man Galaxy Megaminx V2(almost new) - Stickerless
$10 Shengshou Kilominx
$11 MFJS 4.5cm 3x3 DIY M - Stickerless
$4 CubeDepot Silk - opened once
$40 Magnetic LingAo Clock(lubed and magnets) - NEW


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