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Gan 356R Cap Issue

May 29, 2013
Thread starter #1
I just dissembled my Gan356r to magnetize it and after trying to reassemble it by putting the coloured caps back on the cube, it tends to catch a lot, usually around a half turn.
I know this is not a polarity issue with the magnets as I've thought that was the initial problem, so I've taken all the magnets back out and reassembled the cube and the catching problems keeps persisting ONLY when the caps are on. When the caps are not on the cube turns very smoothly and does not catch.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and was there any way to fix this?

I only thought it was a GES problem so I've swapped cores and springs with my Gan Air but the Gan Air works perfectly fine on the Gan356r Core + GES , while the 356r pieces on the Gan Air Core + GES retains the catching problem.
I don't know how the caps should affect it's turning but it is? I'm so puzzled QQ

TLDR: Gan 356r caps causing catching issue


Feb 6, 2017
Spokane, WA (USA)
The most likely cause is that the caps aren't on properly or aren't fully on. Perhaps you have magnets blocking the caps from going on all the way? There is very, very little room for error when placing the magnets because of the cap design.