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[Help Thread] Gan 356i discussion / software updates / issues report directly to Gan

Jun 5, 2019
I just have been changing the tension of the cube, and in my opinion this setup experience is much worse than the GAN 356x too, I asume that we have been pampered with the easy adjustment of 356x and I recognize that I am not a very handy person but I found this:
- The cube comes with 2 extra set of 7 springs one of the set silver color and the other gold color, to me seems that the installed ones (silver too) are the same as one of the extra set but I might be wrong. Gold ones seem stronger but there is not any information in the package (at least in the English documentation)
- To remove most of the center caps just a nail is not enough as it is very hard, I needed a small flat screwdriver for most of them. In the 356x I do not have any problem with the nail.
- To my sight Just to see the tension position of the nut is a pain as the nut core instead of being solid metal as in 356x is transparent plastic as the nut.
- Changing the tension setting and replacing the spring is a real pain, there is not a tool in the package and twisting the nut cap is really hard.
- Magnets can not be changed, the magnets that come with the cube are weaker than the 356x strong ones, I would say that seems similar to the mediums in 356x.

In my case I needed more than 15 minutes to change all the springs and adjusting the tension, I asume that next time I would not need that much but it is a real pain comparing to 356x.
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Aug 18, 2019
I have a 356i and haven’t been able to find any 1v1 battles in over a week.

Account: Doc13
20 sec. average
Kansas, USA
4:00pm-10:00pm CST
Jun 18, 2019
Taipei, Taiwan
Thread starter #51
I think you have to have a 100game avg. But my 100game avg is 9 sec so idk where the app got 7.76 for me. As for Lazer0monkey, his avg on the app is over 10 seconds because of glitches. Idk if he has done 100 battles
Yes, but I have more than 200 battles and my 100 game avg is 21.65s, which is the same as number 20th. Yet I still get no ranking. That's what is bugging me.
Jul 9, 2017
Haywards Heath
That explains a lot I am on Reunion Island so quite far from China!
Oh Hi! You do battle me before a couple times and as far as I remember, either you DNF out or I DNF out because of app crashing again and again. I still enjoy battling with you a lot despite of that.

I am experiencing problems of lagging and crashing as well but a couple magnitude smaller than you and some other people. I think the farther away you are from China, the more lag you get because well, their server is in China!

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