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3x3 Gan 356 X

Apr 16, 2019
Under a bridge.
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I just got my first Gan X, i Love it. It is AMAZING, definitely worth all the money I payed. I can't really think of any terrible things about it, the only thing i didn't like is that once you find your sweet spot for tension and magnet strength, I personally really like the weak magnets with yellow springs on 1.0. This makes the magnets not depended on, and yet they help so much in catching the layers, then the the tension is tight enough to make is stable, but elasticy enough to corner cut like a champ. out of the box it is ready to preform, it is factory lubes but the lube just makes it faster, which is not needed, i put compound X in mine to make is a little more controllable, and it worked like a charm. Mine did not come with a cube bag, which i thought was strange, but luckily TheCubicle put one in there from me! Super nice guys! Over all, the cube is amazing, and if you have enough money to spend on it, take action, it is worth it.

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