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Funny Locations


Dec 9, 2019
Null Island
I just put 'location not displayed due to character limit' because 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' is top long apparently
Totally couldn't of shortened it down at all.

Also, basically everyone's location is crazy, but I'd give an award to @WoowyBaby because of the story behind it.


Dec 9, 2019
Null Island
What is the story behind it?

There are so many example solve threads lmao

Okay CF here we go:

L F2 U' L2 D2 B' R B // All Corners + Two Edges (8/8)
B L2 B' M' B R2 F M' // Solve Lots More Edges (7/15)
R' E2 R' E R2 F2 E // Permute Final Edges, Finished (7/22)

Next: B R2 F' D2 L2 D2 U2 F D2 F R2 U2 D R' F D' U B R' F' D2
This was a fmc attempt! How’d you get 22 lol.
Which planet do you come from?
I live on Neptune.
Our school system is almost all just about cubes and twisty puzzles so we know quite a lot about how the cube works and cube theory, we have more experience with it than you Earthlings could ever have. We also live twice as long.

I just checked and optimal after corners give 20 moves.
I'm not a god, I'm only from Neptune. Maybe I am Neptune. Maybe I am a Greek god. Who knows.
What did you think of the space probes when they passed? Also, do you use wormholes to get internet from earth? i dont think you could get that good hypixel parkour attempts with billions of ping.
The older generations bring them up sometimes. They're not part of our younger generation, but I do know that those old space probes are still out there.

As for internet, did you not know that there is a wormhole? It sits just past the Earth in the solar system, but since it's a part of spacetime it doesn't move around the sun like the Earth does, so some parts of the year we have slow internet, but when the Earth comes closer to the wormhole we are all pretty happy, and there's actually one day of the year where they're very close so we have internet as fast as Feliks :)

And haha Hypixel parkour speedruns, those are a throwback. I haven't done those in a couple of years.
And actually, you may have not known that Hypixel actually has a server on Neptune so our ping is great! YouTube also has a server here, same with a couple of other sites, which we call the "quick servers" here on Neptune.
Also, ping is how I get my records lmao. The timer lag can be plus or minus a quarter of a second at some times, so when I did those runs I relied on ping RNG to get that minus a quarter of a second.

Also how dare you ask me, the Greek god Neptune, so many questions? Oh so unjust. Fool.

Alright it's time to stop talking Neptune gibberish you're probably just tired of it now I'll get back to corners first solutions now XD

L U2 R' B L2 B' D' R2 U // All Corners + One Edge (9/9)
F M2 F' M2 U2 M U M' U // Solve Four More Edges (9/18)
R2 U' D' F R2 E R2 F' U2 F2 // Solve Some and Orient All Edges (10/28)
R2 D2 M' U2 R L // Permute Final Edges, Finished (6/34)


R B2 L' F L2 F' D' B2 D // All Corners + One Edge (9/9)
R U M U' R D M' D' R2 // Solve Five More Edges (9/18)
E2 L E' L' F2 E L E2 L' F2 // Last Six Edges, Finished (10/28)

Next: D2 B2 L2 B R2 F' D2 L2 D2 U2 F2 U2 L U B' L2 B' U' L' F2 U'