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FS: Selling Qiyi Wuji 7x7, Yuxin Red 6x6, Shengshou 5x5, QiYi Thunderclap Mini 4x4, and more


Feb 13, 2021
Selling some cubes that I never really use. I bought new and improved ones that are all stickerless since I don't like stickers. All these cubes i'm selling are STICKERED. I can probably ship anywhere in the US for around $5, just communicate with me and we can work it out. I'll ship international if buyer pays shipping. I hate producing waste and just want these cubes to go to someone who will actually use them so i'm flexible on prices, just be reasonable if you make me an offer. I can provide more pictures upon request but they are all hardly used (probably less than 20 solves on each one).

QiYi Wuji 7x7 $15
Yuxin Red 6x6 $10
Shengshou 5x5 $4
QiYi Thunderclap Mini 4x4 $4
KungFu Cangfeng $4
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