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FS Huge twisty puzzle lot 35+ puzzles included


Sep 3, 2018
Hi guys, not been using my puzzles much at all anymore so i decided to sell off most of my collection in one big lot for someone who wants a big expansion to their collection or is starting out and needs more puzzles.
There is many of the top Speedcubes included here in this bundle as well as some Rubik's brand cubes as well (i know, i know, they suck but oh well). Most of these cubes are in good condition but are all used.
Buying all of these puzzles together will save you likely hundreds of pounds compared to buying these individually online as many of these come from japan.

Here is the full list of cubes included in the bundle:

Standard nxnxn cubes:

Rubik's brand 2x2x2
Rubik's brand 4x4x4
Rubik's brand 5x5x5
V-Cube 6x6x6

nxnxn Speedcubes: ( I forget exact names of cubes since I bought some these years ago ):

Moyu 2x2x2
Dayan zhanchi stickerless 3x3x3
Cubicle modified dayan 4 3x3x3
2 moyu 3x3x3 cubes
Gans 3x3x3
Moyu 4x4x4
Moyu 6x6x6
Moyu 7x7x7

Other Speedcube type puzzles:

Dayan megaminx
Moyu pyraminx
Shengshou pyraminx
Moyu skewb

3x3x3 sticker mods

Sudoku cube
iPhone apps cube
White stickers with colour names on them

3x3x3 shape mods

Mefferts ghost cube
Axis cube
Gold and purple egg cube
Mirror blocks/bump cube
Gold diagonal cut cube

Other shape mods

2x2x2 mirror blocks
4x4x4 megamorphix

Other twisty puzzles

Square 1
Calvin's 3x3x5 + 2 variants
Rubik's 2x2x4
Wooden snake + mini plastic snake
Curvy copter
Master kilominx
Gear cube
Dayan planet cube (don't remember which one)
Shape shifting 3x3x1
Mefferts cube within a cube
Tiny 3x3x3
Also a 1x1x1( just a block)

Also included with this bundle is 2 cube carrier bags and moyu screwdriver and sticker remover.

Offers are accepted

Thanks for looking.

The forum wont let me post pictures of the lot as the file size is too large so if you would like to see pictures then I have this posted on ebay so head over there to check it out. current price is mainly a guide price i would like to see peoples offers.


Thanks for looking guys let me know if anyone is interested.
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