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FS/FT: Tons of stuff - BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!


Feb 6, 2017
Spokane, WA (USA)
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Lots of puzzles for sale or for trade. I'm open to all kinds of trades but mainly:

- Moyu Aofu GTS M 7x7 (Black)
- Qiyi X-Man Spark M 7x7 (Black)
- Moyu Aofu Pillowed 7x7 (Transparent)
- Big Cubes 9x9 and up
- Cuboids

Alright, now for my puzzles. Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping. Unless you're buying a lot of stuff, probably not worth it to buy if you're outside the US. I have tons of references if needed.

NOTE: When there's a row of boxes on top of a row of cubes, those count as one "row" (that is, the boxes go with the cubes).

Valk 5m 5x5 (Stickerless) - $35

Pic 1:

Top Row (L to R):

(SOLD) Mofang Jiaoshi MF3RS3M (Stickerless) w/added magnets - $9
(SOLD) Heshu 9cm 3x3 (Stickerless) - $7
(SOLD) Gan Monster Go M 3x3 (Stickerless) - $10
Tao Cube Lite M 3x3 (Black) - $8
(SOLD) Gan Air M 2020 3x3 (Stickerless) - $35
(SOLD) Gan 356X v1 3x3 (Stickerless) - $35

Row 2 (L to R):
(SOLD) Qiyi Thunderclap v3M 3x3 (Black) - $7
Qiyi MS 3x3 (Stickerless) - $7
Qiyi Valk Mini 3x3 (Black) - $10
Qiyi Valk Mini 3x3 M (Black) - $16
Speedcubeshop Halloween Yuxin Fire 3x3 (Black) - $6
(SOLD) Alpha Mini 3x3 (White) - $7
(SOLD) Witeden 3x3 (Black) - $5
Dayan Guhong 3x3 (Black) - $5
(SOLD) Gan 357 (Black) - $10
(SOLD) Gan 357 (Black) - $10
Yuxin 3x3 M (Black) - $7

Row 3 (L to R):
(SOLD) Super Mario Maker 3x3 (Unopened) - $6
Mofang Jiaoshi 50mm 3x3 M (Stickerless) - $8
Qiyi Sail 3x3 (Black) - $2
Aolong Mini 3x3 (Stickerless) (New) - $15
Aolong Mini 3x3 (Black) (New - Box Trashed) - $15
(SOLD) Aolong Mini 3x3 (Black) (New) - $15
Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 M (Blue) - $15

Pic 2:

Top Row (L to R):

Moyu Weichuang GTS 5x5 (Stickerless) - $5
V-Cube 4 4x4 (White) - $5
Qiyi Thunderclap Mini 4x4 M (Stickerless) - $8
YJ Yuchuang v2m 5x5 (Black) - $6
Maru 4x4 (Black) (New) - $8
Cyclone Boys K-Xuan 4x4 (Stickerless) - $8
Qiyi Wushuang 5x5 M (Stickerless) - $15

Row 2 (L to R):
Qiyi Qizeng S 5x5 M (Stickerless) - $7
YJ Yuchuang v2M 5x5 (Stickerless) - $6
Yuxin Kirin Black v2 4x4 (Stickerless) - $3
Moyu Weisu 4x4 (Black) - $8
Cyclone Boys Meiyu 4x4 (Black) - $6
Shengshou Gem 5x5 (Stickerless) - $5
Moyu Original Plastic Aosu (Black) - $10

Pic 3

Top Row (L to R):

(SOLD) Yuxin Little Magic 6x6 M (Stickerless) - $11
Cosmic Yuxin Red M 6x6 (Black) - $25
(SOLD) Mofang Jiaoshi MF7S 7x7 (Black) - $10
(SOLD) Mofang Jioashi MF9 M (Stickerless) - $75
(SOLD) Yuxin Little Magic 8x8 (Stickerless) - $22
Shengshou Mr M 6x6 (Stickerless) - $10
Cyclone Boys G6 6x6 (Stickerless) - $8

Row 2:
V-Cube 6 6x6 (White) - $10 (Looks fine in person; pic shows reflections)
(SOLD) Qiyi X-Man Shadow 6x6 M (Black) - $30
Mofang Jiaoshi Meilong 7x7 (Black) - $10
(SOLD) Mofang Jiaoshi MF8 (Stickerless) - $22

Pic 4:

Top Row (L to R):

Fangshi 55mm 2x2 M (Black) - $18
Z-Cube Magnetic Pyraminx (Black) - $6
Shengshou Kilominx (Black) - $6
Shengshou Pyraminx (White) - $4
Qiyi X-Man Galaxy V2 LM Megaminx Sculpted (Stickerless) - $20
Shengshou Master Pyraminx (White) - $9

Row 2:
YJ Yulong v2M Pyraminx (Stickerless) - $4
Moyu Aosu Fisher 4x4 (Black) - $20
(SOLD) Rubik's Tower 2x2x4 (Tiled) - $9
Qiyi X-Man Volt v1 MS (Black) - $15
YJ Rainbow Ball - $2

Pic 5 (L to R):
(SOLD) Mofang Jiaoshi Meilong 4M 4x4 (Stickerless) - $8
Mofang Jiaoshi Meilong 5M 5x5 (Stickerless) - $820200815_225804-small.jpg20200815_230739-small.jpg20200815_231500-small.jpg20200815_232158-small.jpg20200815_233022-small.jpg
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Feb 6, 2017
Spokane, WA (USA)
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I don't have any 9x9s available.

How do you know I'm not going to scam you? I have dealt with tons of people on this and other forums, have sold on ebay for 20 years, and I'm an admin for Puzzle Trader on Facebook. I'll leave it for others to decide if I'm a nice guy though :)