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FS: Cubicle puzzles, HAYS7, GAN puzzles, Valk 3M, and some other nice custom puzzles


Feb 20, 2017
Labs Wuque 4x4 black fullbright, barely used - $24
Labs Weipo M black qiyi shades, barely used - $18
Labs Xinghen black half bright, barely used - $12
Labs Volt MS Halfbright black and yellow - $15
Labs Volt Pro Shop Fullbright black and yellow - $10
Dayan Black 2x2 M - lite magnets, $8
Little Magic Black 3x3 - restickered with cubicle qiyi shades - $5


MF3RS3 Stickerless - NIB $6
Qiyi Jelly Skewb - $3
Moyu GTS3 WR Stickerless - non-magnetic, good if you want to self magnetize with stronger than stock
MGC black 2x2 M
Valk3 3x3 Stickerless
Yuxin 6x6 stickerless
GTS v1 Teal! Rare color now
Guoguan Xinghen
Qiyi Wuji Stickerless 7x7
Qiyi Wushuang Black 5x5
Qiyi Mini Thunderclap 4x4 black
Qiyi Volt Sq-1 Black
Chuwen Black 2x2
Yuxin 5x5 black
Cubing Classroom 50mm 3x3 black

like new:

Mini valk3 black - in box, all accessories, no plastic wrap $10
GiiKER v1 - in box, complete $20
Hays 7 M 7x7 stickerless - stock, in box with accessories $30
GAN 460M stickerless - in box, barely used, all accessories $28
GTS2 black - in box, out of plastic wrap
YAN3 Black - with cubicle fullbrights applied and lubed
Yuxin 4x4 - with cubicle fullbrights applied and lubed
Qiyi Wuque 4x4 - black, with cubicle fullbrights applied and lubed
Galaxy Megaminx V2 - stickerless, swapped out off-white for black, includes accessories and box
Black Aosu 60mm with cubicle fullbrights, NIB
Qiyi Wuxia 2x2 black - in box, unwrapped


Yuexiao pro black, cubicle strong magnets, in box, angstrom lube, some chips to a few stickers but nice shape $10
Stickerless Huanglong M 3x3 - magnetized with 4x2 N35, strong and crisp feel! angstrom lube, comes with box and accessories $12
Weipo black halfbright $4 was a forumers main, nice 2x2
Another weipo fullbright $4
MF3RS3M MAX Stickerless - NIB with all accessories, I set this up with max lubes, tensioned, barely used! $15
Galaxy v2 megaminx M stickerless - lubed with angstrom lubes, black instead of offwhite, comes with box but no accessories


Valk3 M Black - NIB - ordered wrong color from the cubicle $15
Volt MS fullbright black and yellow, stronger magnets in the slice compared to the cubicle version, nice SQ-1 $9
SCS Cosmic MF3RS2M stickerless - just a handful of solves on it, needs breakin $22
GAN356 Air - in box, barely used, all accessories $10
GAN 249 v1 - stickerless, in box, barely used, all accessories $5
GAN Air UM Angstrom setup yellow springs with lubicle black - $18 no accessories
GTSv1M black white internals, magnetic with strong magnets, got from tckewbs, nice setup! $10

pics available. Buyer pays actual shipping, I can fit 6 cubes in a $6 flat rate priority envelope in the US. Discounts for mulitiple cubes, freebies too
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Feb 20, 2017
Sold some cubes! I found all the accessories for the UM and MGCv1 - no box for the UM but I found the box for the MGC.


Feb 20, 2017
lowered prices on everything - I also throw in extras with purchase of 2 or more cubes :)


Feb 20, 2017
bump - everything listed still available, prices lowered and I give discounts on multiple cubes.