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[Member Intro] French BLDer says hi


Apr 21, 2018
Hey everyone!

I'm a moderately good speedcuber from France. I'm proficient with CFOP (although I forgot a few OLLs) and basic ZZ (no fancy last layers), and know the basics of Roux, Petrus, Heise, and a couple other nice methods. I use Yau up to 5x5, and Guimond (and sometimes Varasano / Ortega) for 2x2. I've also generated some advanced techniques for a sq-1 method called Yoyleberry, whose main advantage is to completely skip parity - if anyone is interested feel free to send me a PM.

I love all events, although most often at amateur level, and usually participate in as many as I can in competitions. Whenever I learn about a new method, I have to try it out - my preference go to the more intuitive ones, so even if I use CFOP and ZZ, Roux will always have a special place in my heart.

My main events, and the only ones where I'm remotely good, are the blindfolded ones. I use a dirty 3-style that I've been trying to clean up for some time already. I can multiblind around 17 cubes in one hour (my accuracy is critically poor though), and solve 3bld under a minute consistently, with a 44.41s official PB. I'm not as good at bigblind, probably because I never bothered learning commutators for them.

I am currently interested in designing a way to use 5-cycles, 22-cycles, and other advanced techniques, as intuitively as possible in a 3bld solve, a bit like Daniel Lin in this thread: https://www.speedsolving.com/forum/threads/using-ell-and-other-algs-for-3bld.63047/
If anyone is interesting and willing to lend me a hand, feel free to PM me!