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Apr 6, 2018
Pizza King
Thread starter #1
It's hard to get subs isn't it? Yea. It is. Currently I am sitting at 172 subscribers on my channel "u Cube". I am by far not a big cubing channel however I do think I can help some smaller creators with less than 150 subs out. So if you have youtube channel and it has less than 150 subs then comment below for a shoutout in one of my upcoming videos! All I ask is that you subscribe to my channel to be eligible. A link can be found in my signature! It is first come first serve so I will probably give at most 2 shoutouts per video but maybe only one. So if you aren't featured in my next video it is probably because you were too slow. jk lol. But seriously, if you have under 150 subs (even if you have 0 subs you can still get a shoutout) let me know and subscribe!!!!