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Free Cubes!* (challenge)

One Wheel

Feb 24, 2016
Who: anybody who does not have one or more official WCA 3x3 With Feet results.

I will buy and set up Qiyi Big Sail 68mm cubes, including magnets, restickering (recommended), and lube, and sell them to you at my cost (about $12 plus shipping). If you get an official WCA average in 3x3 With Feet (using the cube from me or another) by the end of 2019 under 1:30 I will refund your money in full. A sub-1:30 single but not sub-1:30 average I’ll give you $10 back.

If you have feet results and want to buy one of these cubes anyway I will sell them for $20 plus shipping.

This deal is moot if I don’t get at least 10 people who commit to buy the puzzles by May 15th, 2019.

Payment via PayPal G&S when I have puzzles ready to ship out (hopefully late June, since I’ll buy them from China and need time to magnetize them). Refunds via PayPal F&F after results proving that you have successfully completed the challenge are posted to the WCA website.

If you want in PM me with your mailing address (so I can estimate shipping), preferred cube color (black or white), color scheme, and your WCA ID (if applicable).


May 13, 2019
I would, but the deadline is so close with so little people, and I already spent a ton on cubes this month. If I had more money or more people committed, I might have done it.