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For Sale: X-Man Bell Pyraminx, 4x4, Mini 3x3, Megaminx + MORE!


Feb 23, 2017
Cubing at my desk USA.
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Hey everyone.

I have some cubes that I don't need anymore and would like to sell. I would prefer if you could pay me by PayPal which is the easiest way. All the cubes are in really good condition!

Shipping is FREE to the US and I may take an offer on some things as well.

The cubes are:

$9.00 - X-Man Wingy Magnetic Concave Skewb (includes original case and manual) - Black SOLD
$8.00 -
X-Man Bell Pyraminx (includes 4x extra magnets) - Black - SOLD
$5.00 -
Mini keychain 3x3 - Stickerless - SOLD
$7.00 -
Guanlong Square-1 (includes original box and manual) - Black SOLD
$7.00 -
QiYi QiYuan 4x4 - Stickerless
$6.00 - 2x2x3 - Black - SOLD
$7.50 -
QiYi QiHeng S Megaminx Sculpted - Stickerless - SOLD

DSCN9416 2.jpg
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