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Fisher Cubes, Curvy Copter, Axis Cube,... what's your list of 'must own' (odd) cubes?


Feb 12, 2021
outside DC
Hopefully this is the proper sub-section. I seem to find myself here in the Hardware section most of the time.

There's the shape shifting Rubiks (a stickered mirror cube), Fisher cubes, Curvy copter (butterfly) cube, Axis cube, Gear cube, Barrel Cube, Twisty Cube, Windmill cubes, X-Cubes.. and the cuboids like 3x3x5, etc.

point is there's tons of 'odd' cubes beyond the regular WCA cubes.

So what are your favorites?

I'm just now getting into the weirder side of cubing and have picked up most of what I mentioned, but I am always looking for something new and unusual. So what are your favorites or recommendations?

have you seen this Andromeda cube that's coming out? Looks really cool,.. and hard,.. and a little scary...

src: https://www.instagram.com/sofia.lan.12/

I'd like something new for my desk and looking for suggestions...