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finger tricks- how?

what finger do you use to turn F(or F')?

  • 3rd finger

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  • grip and turn by using 1st & 2nd finger

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Nov 11, 2022
South Korea
hello, I just wanted to know what finger everybody uses when turning F and B. I have a hard time trying to turn them, and I end up just turning them with my hand. I would also like to know how to grab the cubes in various algorithms.


Premium Member
Nov 15, 2019
It really depends on the grip in current situation.
e.g. doing R F R' from home grip I will use right ring finger push for F (making it effectively indistinguishable from Lw D Lw')
Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding Ducks
It depends on the situation. I recommend watching a variety of sources by people with a reputation for fast algorithm execution such as Brian Sun and, of course, Alex Davidson. Also, check out how they fingertrick in solves by playing the video very s l o w l y. Make sure you not only watch the videos but learn from them, grasp the fundamentals so you can figure it out intuitively. Experiment as much as you can.