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[Member Intro] Finally deciding to go fast


Dec 22, 2018
12 years ago we moved and my commute turned into a 2-hour each way affair that included a ton of public transportation. I have an ADHD-like issue and need to be doing something with my hands at most times. I've always had cubes at my desk to fiddle with while I'm on phone calls and such, so I figured it was time to learn to solve it. I learned to build layers of course, and had memorized the solve after about 6 weeks. With practice, I grew faster, and taught those around me. I taught around a dozen people at that job to solve the 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 over the course of about 2 years.

After growing tired of that commute though, I switched jobs for something closer to home and with better career opportunities. At the new job, people were amazed that the cube could be solved and I ended up teaching about another dozen to solve the 3x3, and interestingly, many of them taught others. All in all, around 40 of the IT professionals at my company can now solve the 3x3. That was fun, but I was always the fastest. I'm down to about a 55-second average on the 3x3 and that crushes everyone around me. There was no need to push faster as I was already king of hill.

Anyway, I now have two kids, 12 and 10 respectively, and despite me trying to teach them for years, neither could get passed the second layer until this summer. At camp, one of the kids had a speed cube every day and they he was fast - sub 20 fast. My kids begged me to teach them the third layer and I did. I think both of them completed their first solves in June of this year. For the remainder of camp they got tips from that kid and within 8 weeks my youngest, who was into this far more than his older brother, was faster than me. He still builds it using the beginner method, but his finger tricks are excellent and he has some faster algos than I do.

He enrolled himself in his first competition recently at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. He competed in 2x2 and 3x3 and his 3x3 average was 33.1 seconds I believe. He was absolutely hooked after that and has decided he's going to learn CFOP and wants to be sub-20 himself. The competitive side of me has decided to tag along, though as an interesting comparison, I figured I'd go with ROUX instead of CFOP. On paper, it looks like it has the potential to be faster (no cube rotations and a lower move count). We'll see with time.

We have a number of cubes. Living 8 minutes from TheCubicle.com's warehouse/showroom is not helping. In fact, I went there this morning to pick up two last-minute cubes as X-mas gifts for a friend's son, and ended up additionally buying 5 bottles of lube, 8 cube stands, and two extra cubes for myself. Amongst a flurry of D-FantiX cubes I have littered around my house and two offices, I now am the proud owner of 2 Cubicle Labs Little Magic Ms, and a Cubicle Labs MF3RS2 M. I actually picked up a GTS2 M and a Valk Power M earlier this week from TheCubicle, but wasn't very impressed and gave one each to my boys.

Anyway, my goal here is to talk with other ROUX solvers and, like almost any other competitive dad, see what I can do to crush my son.