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Famous Cubers' speedsolving.com Accounts


Oct 26, 2019
The Land of 11,842 Lakes
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As the title implies, this is a thread for famous cubers who have a profile on SpeedSolving. Once you find one, post it on this thread, and I will update this post.

Adam Vetser (A.K.A. TheRubiksCubed) @AdamRubiksCubed
Albert You (A.K.A. cyoubx) @cyoubx
Alex Walker (A.K.A. Z3Cubing) @rubixboyz3
Andrew Nathenson (A.K.A. ColorfulPockets) @ColorfulPockets
Anthony Brooks @Anthony
Antoine Cantin @antoineccantin
Antonio Kam @antonio19kamh3
Bhargav Narasimhan @Bhargav777
Brody Lassner (A.K.A. BrodytheCuber) @BrodytheCuber
Cameron Brown @camcuber
Chris Hardwick @cmhardw
Chris Tran @4Chan
Cornelius Dieckmann @Yes We Can!
Daniel Goodman (A.K.A. DGCubes) @DGCubes
Dylan Wang (A.K.A. J Perm) @Smiles
Erik Akkersdijk @Erik Akkersdijk
Feliks Zemdegs @Faz
Graham Siggins @sigalig
Jayden McNeill @ottozing
Jules Manalang @waffle=ijm
Kian Mansour @PenguinsDontFly
Kit Clement @Kit Clement
Phil Yu @a small kitten
Milan Struyf (A.K.A. CubeHead) @CubeHeadOfficial
Robert Yau @Robert-Y
Rowe Hessler @rowehessler
Shawn Boucke (A.K.A. SpeedCubeReview) @SpeedCubeReview
Shivam Bansal @the super cuber
Stefan Pochmann @Stefan
Tao Yu @Tao Yu
Tommas Austin-Milne (A.K.A. TNL Cubing) @TNL Cubing
Tony Fisher @Tony Fisher
Zayn Khanani @Legomanz
??? (A.K.A. CriticalCubing) @CriticalCubing
??? (A.K.A. TheProgrammingCuber) @TPC
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